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FEC Hosts Successful 83rd Annual Meeting of Members

Fairfield Electric Cooperative registered 3,881 members during its 2022 Annual Meeting Drive-Thru registration held May 16th - May 20th.


Businesses and Organizations Need to appoint A Voting Designee

Section 3.05 of the bylaws of Fairfield Electric Cooperative, Inc. allows members that are not natural persons, such as corporations or partnerships, to designate one person for each entity to cast votes for the member at member meetings. The designation of the person to vote on behalf of a member that is not a natural person must be made on this form, and the form must be received at the offices of the Cooperative not later than 5:00 p.m. Friday, May 13, 2022, for the 2022 member meeting.

2022 Nominating Committee Minutes and Elections and Credentials Committee Minutes

In preparation for the 2022 Annual Meeting of Members, meetings have been held by the Nominating Committee and the Elections and Credentials Committee.  The minutes of the meeting are provided here.

Nominating Committee Meeting - February 14, 2022 (Minutes)

Nominating Committee Meeting - March 14, 2022  (Minutes)

Board of Trustees Adopts Transparency Policy Resolution

Fairfield Electric Cooperative's Board of Trustees recently passed a Transparency Policy Resolution. 

The resolution adopted on July 30, 2018 directs that information pertaining to Trustee and Officer compensation be posted on the Cooperative's website.  A copy of the Cooperative's Bylaws are also to be posted as well as the dates and times of Board Meetings and copies of the minutes of Board Meetings.

Warning! Scammers targeting electric co-op members

Posing as a representative of Fairfield Electric Cooperative, potential thieves are attempting to scam Fairfield Electric members by calling to demand immediate payment of electric bills.

Several Fairfield Electric Cooperative members have reported that they have received calls claiming their bill is past due. The caller claims they are from a third party collection agent and that service will be cut off if the amount due is not paid immediately.

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