It’s Not Too Late to Register for Peak Alerts

Fairfield Electric Cooperative members are encouraged to sign up for peak alerts. There will be a drawing on December 15 for a $500 gift card among over 62,000 members across South Carolina participating in Beat the Peak, as well as a drawing for a $100 gift card among Fairfield Electric Cooperative’s participating members.

Malcolm Gordge Named Fairfield Electric Cooperative’s ‘Who Powers You Hero’

Malcolm Gordge has been awarded the 2022 Fairfield Electric Cooperative ‘Who Powers You Hero’ award in recognition of his dedication and service to the local community. The cooperative solicited nominations this summer to identify individuals who are making a difference by serving others in their community.

Construction Underway at Winnsboro Office

Construction is underway at the new Fairfield Electric Winnsboro office.

FEC Hosts 83rd Annual Meeting of Members

Fairfield Electric Cooperative registered 3,881 members during its 2022 Annual Meeting Drive-Thru registration held May 16th - May 20th.

Fairfield Electric Cooperative Selects 2022 Touchstone Energy Scholarship Recipients

Six high school seniors were each awarded a $1000 Touchstone Energy scholarship by Fairfield Electric Cooperative, Inc. Zachary Brown, Kristi Gallagher, Haley Glisson, Jasmine Glover, Erin McCarley and Wyatt Whitfield were selected after an extensive application and interview process.

Fairfield Electric Cooperative Breaks Ground On New Winnsboro Office

A special groundbreaking ceremony was held on Monday morning to officially mark the start of construction for the new Fairfield Electric Cooperative office in Winnsboro. The new building will be in the same location as the former building at 3129 U.S. Highway 321 North, in Winnsboro. 

Scammers Targeting Electric Co-Op Members!

Posing as a representative of Fairfield Electric Cooperative, potential thieves are attempting to scam Fairfield Electric members by calling to demand immediate payment of electric bills.