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Green Power

Fairfield Electric Cooperative, in conjunction with Santee Cooper, is giving you the chance to sign up for South Carolina's first renewable power generation program.

Green Power is power electrically generated by renewable resources such as solar, wind, and methane gas from decomposing garbage in selected landfills. These resources are replenished naturally and minimize harm to the environment.

Fairfield Electric Cooperative is offering the Green Power Program to its member-owners in response to increased interest in renewable energy and concern for the environment.  By voluntarily participating in the Green Power Program, you are taking the intial step to meet and encourage the growing demand for renewable energy. You are also helping to reduce the reliance on limited resources while improving and preserving the environment for future generations.

At this stage of Green Power development, the primary source of renewable energy comes from methane gas located in landfills.  In addition, a small part comes from solar and wind energy, all located right here in South Carolina.

By trapping methane gas and turning it into useful energy, Fairfield Electric Cooperative is helping to rid the environment of a dangerous greenhouse gas.  Fortunately, as fuel, the gas is a renewable energy and has no waste.  What's more, for just 2 dimes a day, for a year, Green Power has the environmental impact of not driving a car for almost 3 months.**

If I purchase Green Power, will I notice a difference in my electric service?
No. You will not notice any difference in your electric service when you sign up for the Green Power Program. The renewable energy purchased by participants will be pooled with energy from conventional sources and will be delivered through the same power lines.

Where will my money go?
All revenue from Green Power premiums will be reinvested in future development of additional renewable resources or facilities.

Costing less than a dime a day, each 100 kilowatt-hour block will add a mere $3 to your monthly electric bill.  One block (100 kWh) is approximately 10 percent of a typical household's monthly energy use.  Even better there is no equipment to buy, and you won't have to change your lifestyle one bit.

·  $3 per month for 1 block (100 kwh)

·  $6 per month for 2 blocks (200 kwh)

·  $9 per month for 3 blocks (300 kwh)

You can choose to purchase any number of blocks for $3 each. Your participation will show on your electric bill within one or two months. Participation in Green Power is voluntary by Fairfield Electric Cooperative and its members. A member may discontinue participation in Green Power at any time. Fairfield Electric Cooperative may alter, amend or end Green Power at any time.

Price, Terms and Conditions

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If you have questions or would like to apply for Green Power, contact your local Fairfield Electric Cooperative office. You can also complete this application form and send it in.

** (EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator using 200 kWh/month for the state of South Carolina.)



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